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Global Dreams

"To be able to work with great people, changing the world, delivering on social and environmental outcomes. " - Kelly Burton , Sunshine Coast, Australia

"To create something worthwhile; to pour my heart into every word. " - Anna Angel , BRISBANE

"I want to surf the waves of Australia. " - Sinn Yasaka , tokyo, japan

"To never stop exploring! " - Melinda Halloran , brisbane

"For everything to be made of chocolate! " - Kara ciampi , brisbane, australia

"To become fluent in another language :) " - libby davis , brisbane, australia

"To illustrate a children's book. " - Lila theodoros , Brisbane, Australia

"I want to travel the world. " - Dino Latoga , Angeles, Philippines

"To create positive media. " - Carl Lindgren , Brisbane, australia