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Omar Perez Stilettos

Somewhat of a loaded word, ‘fetish’ evokes a dark mental montage of uncontrolled desire, lust and even shame. And while a shoe fetish can often manifest itself in more sinister forms that border on depravity, it can also be a less serious – but equally problematic – ailment common to fashionistas. Crafting shoes that explore the ‘sadistic world’ of a fashion lover’s shoe fetish, designer Omar Perez created his Stilett”O” series of sculptured sky-high heels in tribute to the women who endure significant amounts of pain in order to wear the objects of their desire. Using meticulous carving and veneer work, Omar sculpts his elaborate creations into conspicuous stilettos that unabashedly overshadow the rest of an outfit. While they are more likely destined for haute couture photo shoots rather than everyday wear, the captivating series of sculptural stilettos is at once inspiring and confounding, with jagged metal detailing, peacock feathers and bandsaw blades all part of the design. Omar’s creative inklings first formed during his childhood as he observed the work of his artist/seamstress mother and his father, who handmade many of his toys. Somewhat of a polymath, Omar has since charted a creative journey that has included stints as a woodworker and furniture maker, as well as an animator – winning an Emmy for excellence in broadcast graphics in 2004. As for his vertigo-inducing stiletto creations, if you are intrepid enough to attempt a stroll in them, we suggest that you ensure you possess impeccable balance prior to strapping them to your ankles.